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Production Floor

We have you covered from low volume prototypes to continual production!  
SWIGRO has the platform to support your production needs covering a variety of manufacturing methods and materials in polymers, metals and woods
Key Services:
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Injection Molding
  • Volume Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Part Certification
  • Qualification
Flexibility Factors:
  • Tool less production
  • On demand production
  • Product and market testing
  • Mass Customization
  • Complex Geometries

End-Use Products>

If your product is made in volumes of hundreds or a few thousand per year and the capital investment in manufacturing tooling is very high, then Additive Manufacturing may be a viable solution.


Jigs and Fixtures>

Manufacturers take advantage from additive manufacturing in the ability to produce automation end of arm tooling, jigs and fixtures with the simplicity to create complex geometries for verification aids, CMM measuring, assembly and manufacturing lines. 


Molds and Tooling>

Make tooling with tolerances similar to machined tools at a fraction of the time required with traditional methods. Ideal for creating tools such as masters for investment or sand casting, fiber glass and carbon fiber composite tooling, urethane foam tools and other specialty tooling.


SWIGRO has broad experience developing and producing prototypes with customers in accelerated time frames providing faster product launches with enhanced efficiency.  Design changes with additive manufacturing are faster to produce thane with other manufacturing techniques. 

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