What's your challenge?

The Value in 3D Printing

Shorten the time to market 

Accelerate your development with the use of advanced CAD design and additive manufacturing drastically cutting time for creating and perfecting a part or product.  

Create useful prototypes

Bring your concept to life! A design on a screen only tells part of the story.  Holding a real life rendition of your concept exposes minute details that could go unnoticed staring at a computer screen.

Improve manufacturing speed 

Boost productivity and your bottom line by making ergonomic end of arm tooling, jigs and fixtures to make automated and manual assembly more efficient.  

The power of generative design

Discover how generative design can produce stronger and better functioning parts, boosting the performance of traditional design to the next level, 

Consolidation of assemblies

Consolidate sub assemblies or assemblies from multiple parts into one component and produce with additive manufacturing achieving time and cost savings while trimming the supply chain.