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The Value in 3D Printing

Shorten the time to market 

Don't have the quantities needed to justify injection molding? Hit the market running with low volume production using Additive Manufacturing technologies.  

Create realistic prototypes

Bring your concept to life! A design on a screen only tells part of the story.  Holding a real life rendition of your concept exposes minute details that could go unnoticed staring at a computer screen.

Improve manufacturing ergonomics 

Boost productivity and your bottom line by making ergonomic jigs and fixtures to make assembly more efficient.  

Reduce tooling costs 

3D Printing allows users to produce complex molds 72-90% less than conventional methods in days compared to the normal 8-10 week lead time commonly experienced.  

Unleash your designs

Consolidate your design and reduce the number of components in your product transforming your supply chain.  

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