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METAL Machines

Studio System 2


Making complex, high-performance metal parts has never been easier. Featuring a breakthrough two-step process, next-generation Separable Supports, and a software-controlled workflow, the Studio System 2 makes it simpler than ever to produce custom metal parts.

Build Box = 300 x 200 x 200mm (11.8 x 7.9 x 7.9in)

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Shop System

The world’s first metal binder jetting system designed to bring metal 3D printing to machine shops.

Build Box = 350 x 220 x (50-200)mm (13.8 x 8.7 x [2.0-7.9]in)


This is the most compact binder-jet 3D printer for the production of metal, ceramic, and composite parts available. It is extremely accurate and capable of surface finish as low as 4µm Ra.

Build Box = 160 x 65 x 65mm (6.3 x 2.5 x 2.5 in)



This mid-volume advanced binder jet 3D print system is suitable for research, prototyping, rapid product development, short-run production, or continuous 24/7 production.

Build Box = 400 x 250 x 250mm (15.8 x 9.8 x 9.8in)


Designed to bridge the gap between bench top development and mass production, the P-1 offers  excellent part quality with enhanced process flexibility. The P-1 supports non-reactive and reactive materials at speeds more than 10 times those of laser powder bed fusion technologies and is capable of printing multiple builds per shift and direct process transfers to the P-50.

Build Box = 200 x 100 x 40mm (7.9 x 3.9 x 1.6in)

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X160 PRO

This is the world's largest binder jet 3D Printer for the production of metal, ceramic, and composite parts. It is designed for continuous 24/7 production yet supports short-run production, rapid product development, and even research and prototyping

Build Box = 800 x 500 x 400mm (6.3 x 2.5 x 2.5 in)


Designed to be the fastest way to 3D print metal parts at-scale, the P-50 achieves speeds up to 100 times those of laser powder bed fusion technologies, producing parts in volumes and at costs competitive with conventional mass production techniques.

Build Box = 490 x 380 x 260mm (19.2 x 15 x 10.2in)

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