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Augment the learning curve in design and engineering by bringing objects to life!

Make Innovation Tangible

  • Empower the Next Generation of Engineers & Designers
  • Provide Students with Hands On Experience Using industrial Disruptive Technology
  • Research AM Processes & Design for Additive
  • Work with Industry using full-sized end use materials and parts
  • The BigRep Studio G2  is an ideal printer for FFF / FDM education.
  • The Desktop Metal Studio System+ is an ideal printer for BMD education as it is safe for the office, easy to use, and built to scale.
  • The future of continuous manufacturing is cDLM, opening the way to fast additive manufacturing. EnvisonTec's eONE is ideal for cDLM education, with more development materials and processes.
  • With it's ergonomical and user friendly material cart system, Sintratec S2 is an ideal choice for SLS education.
  • Contact us today to find the best printer for your application!

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