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Design for additive for mass production!

Our team consists of industrial designers and engineers who support customers in various industries. Our group has the capabilities to take an idea into production utilizing sophisticated design software and additive manufacturing.

Product Design 

Additive Manufacturing like other technologies requires that the design of the part be optimized for the process.  To experience the benefits of 3D Printing, parts must be designed with the process in mind.  SWIGRO specializes in design and engineering for Additive Manufacturing applications but also has experience with injection molding techniques, composite fabrication, and CNC machining.  

Swigro Prototype Product Development
Interactive Development

Large corporations and small start-ups can benefit from our extensive experience in design, engineering and manufacturing in collaborative development of a new part or product. SWIGRO supports customers with complete design solutions from the basic drafting and concepts stage to the completed physical prototype taking into consideration the best-suited manufacturing process for the product's final production method.  

The ability to rapidly produce physical parts with additive manufacturing yields a faster, cost effective and highly interactive product development process.  Designs can be reviewed and tested as physical parts and improvements can be fed back into the design.  

SWIGRO Interactive Development
Reverse Engineering

Bring your legacy part to a digital ecosystem for reproduction with advanced 3D Scanning!

Utilizing powerful scanning and digitizing equipment, we have the ability to generate solid models in CAD software maintaining an accurate representation of the original part.  Once rendered into the software, our team can optimize aspects of the design to extract the maximum potential from 3D Printing.  


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