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Creation Studio

Welcome to the Creation Studio, a service platform built to assist customers with a variety of services for creating concepts, parts and products while specifying the best suited manufacturing methods and materials for best performance based on the application's end use. 
Our team consists of industrial designers and engineers supporting customers in various industries with the capabilities to take an idea into a design utilizing sophisticated design software, and additive manufacturing to develop better products while cutting time and costs in the process.
In a vast number of projects, customers have enjoyed the discretion and protection of intellectual property and enjoyed our support for patent filing. 
We provide customers with expert advice about the best suited additive technology for the application and production of the parts through to complete product development. We have been supporting customers for many years in:
  • Product Development
  • Accelerated Development
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • CAD Design Services
  • Expert Support for Limited and High Volume Manufacturing
  • Creation and Manufacturing of Proof or Concept and Prototypes
  • Manufacturing of Functional Parts for Testing and End Use
Bring Ideas to Life in a Variety of Sizes and Materials
Swigro Prototype Product Development
Development Process
Customers benefit from our extensive experience in developing parts and products in interactive and collaborative development process together with the customer from the basic drafting and concepts stage to the completed physical prototype and functional product taking into consideration the best-suited manufacturing process for the product's final production method.  
The ability to rapidly produce physical parts with additive manufacturing yields a faster, cost effective and highly interactive product development process.  Designs can be reviewed and tested as physical parts and improvements immediately fed back into the design.  
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