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Series: eOne, Vida, Vida HD, Micro 
  • Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing is a method of AM that yields unique, singular isotropic part properties and high speed printing
  • The future of fast continuous manufacturing is cDLM!
Key Advantages
  • Less post processing
  • Injection molded-type surface qualities
  • Ideal for smaller applications, engineers and design professionals.


Series: Vector, Xtreme and Xede
  • Uses UV Laser to Scan, Spin & Selectively Photocure objects in a large vat of photopolymer​ resin
Key Advantages
  • Fast printing speed and ability to print large parts
  • Ideal for service bureaus and users in automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries.


Series:  P4k 35, P4k 62, P4k 75, P4k 90
  • Versatile material capabilities (over 45 available)
Key Advantages
  • Open source materials
  • Easy material change, extreme accuracy and surface finish quality
  • Ideal for applications where production grade reliability is needed


3D-BioPlotter Family
  • The BioPlotter system is a versatile rapid prototyping tool for processing a great variety of bio-materials for computer-aided tissue engineering
Key Advantages
  • Open source materials
  • Allows for maximum flexibility for research and development
  • Ideal for R&D in bone regeneration research, cells and organ printing


Viridis3D Binder Jetting Technology
  • A proprietary print head attached to an ABB robot arm uses jetting technology to print sand molds, mold cores, and investment casting patterns
Key Advantages
  • Less post processing and large build size
  • Ideal for foundry applications

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