SWIGRO an innovative additive manufacturing solutions company offering the manufacturing industry the most advanced equipment, contract manufacturing capabilities, design and supporting services with the best user experience.


Over the past years SWIGRO has made additive manufacturing accessible to the manufacturing industry by offering equipment solutions that are advanced, yet affordable for a wide range of development and end use applications. SWIGRO has continuously enhanced customer’s experience with the most advanced products, manufacturing capabilities and services. Currently SWIGRO is expanding its additive production facility to offer customers with a high-end high-quality platform for contract manufacturing along with advanced web platforms to drive the development of additive solutions from design through to production making the Science of Production available to the industry.

We are the official distributor for BigRep, the largest and most robust 3D Printer on the market, with an incredible build volume of over 1 cubic meter or 35 cubic feet at an unbeatable price-point. The BigRep is built with highest-quality German craftsmanship, and uses the highest quality materials available for FDM/FFF 3D Printing. We also distribute Desktop Metal, the first office-friendly metal 3D printing solution; EnvisionTEC, a revolutionary leader in additive technology and Sintratec, the simplified digital workflow for SLS printing. To best serve our customers, our support ranges from the direct sale and installation of our products to training and workshops. We also provide consultation services to assist clients in the most effective ways to use those amazing machines.

SWIGRO offers complete service solutions for product design and development with a focus on the medical, automotive, aerospace, defense, and industrial production industries. These services include: product design and development, plastic parts manufacturing utilizing additive manufacturing or Injection Molding technologies, custom design and manufacturing of fixtures and jigs, manufacturing and design consultation, and custom plastic material development. Through our interactive design process, SWIGRO provides thorough and effective solutions for additive manufacturing product design, product manufacturing, and prototyping needs.


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