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Equipment Financing 

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  • Step 2. Input your business information

  • Step 3. Input business ownership information

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The Advantages of Financing:


  • Conserve Cash:

    • Financing the purchase allows the equipment to pay for itself simply by being used – let the equipment “earn” its place in the floor! Use cash for expanding the business – instead of equipment!


  • Low Cost of Funds:

    • Since the equipment pays for itself, you effectively only pay the cost of interest when financing the equipment purchase.


  • Low Interest:

    • Taking advantage of Section 179 tax benefits, the savings can offset the cost of ‘interest’ effectively reducing your total interest paid


  • Section 179 Tax Code:

    • Allows for write off up to 100% of the purchase in the first year – generating potential tax savings (see example below).


  • Buy Multiple Units:

    • You can secure multiple units without using working capital or cash


  • Stay Ahead of the Competitors:

    • Invest in advanced equipment by financing the purchase and paying for it over time. Employees and Customers appreciate new equipment.


  • Owning vs. Financing:

    • The value of the equipment is not owning it, the value is using the equipment to generate revenue. Financing allows you to expand faster, while conserving cash flow and avoiding equipment obsolesce.


Section 179 Example:
Equipment Cost:                        $50,000
1st Year Deduction:                    $50,000

Total Tax/Cash Savings:            $17,500
(assumes 35% tax bracket)


Apply the cash savings to your overall interest or to the total cost of the equipment – either way, your total cost is reduced by $17,500 in the first year! You saved $17,500 in cash by financing the equipment and taking advantage of Section 179. Since the equipment pays for itself monthly, your total cost to acquire the equipment is minimal.

*Consult with your tax professional regarding your specific situation and Section 179 Tax benefits

  • Financing Options:

    • Equipment Finance Agreements (EFA’s) allow you to take advantage of Section 179 and own the equipment at end of term.

    • $1.00 Buyout Leases – You can still take advantage of Section 179 with the predetermined purchase option of $1.00.

    • Fast Credit Decisions

    • Flexible terms: 24 to 60 months – allowing for better monthly budgeting and better cash flow.

    • App Only to $350,000 (for well qualified & well-established businesses)

    • Zero Down/Little Down payment options

    • A-C Credit accepted

    • Startup Businesses – Good News! We can secure up to $50,000 in equipment for Startups!

    • eDocuments (Docusign) – for quick processing

    • Equipment financing does not appear as debt on your personal credit report

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